How to extract two different numerical values

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Need to extract 2 different values


Input —>16888|5467
Output —> 16888

Please help

Without further examples or context it is hard to give a more detailed and error-proof answer, but I will try to help.

Based on the 1 input example I would recommend using strings.split to convert it into an array of strings. To do this, I will assume you have a string variable called “Input” which contains the text you want converted. I will also assume you have an array (of string) variable called “Output”.

Assign Output = Strings.Split(Input,"|")

Now you have an array containing each number found in your “Input” string that is separated by the “|” character.
EDIT: It is a little unclear on your output if you want 2 separate strings or 1 single string separated by a whitespace between each group of numbers. If you want the latter, then change the “output” variable type to string and change the assign to: Assign Output = Strings.Join((Strings.Split(Input,"|"))," ")


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Thank you so much :slight_smile: it worked .

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