How to extract the specified string from a dynamic text

I have this text “SAVE.|NCOM|NG,418745716MAR2021(1).ASC|I.EPIN.TXT ./ 248,768 KB 16/03/2021 4:13:20 AM” its very dynamic . I mean i could also have it like “SAVE.|NCOM|NG,418745716MAR20…248,768 KB 16/03/2021 4:13:20 AM”. some of the characters in the string can be hidden with (…) .
But what is important is that the string (248,768 KB) i want o extract is never hidden.
I am looking for a way to pick the 248,768 KB out of the text. I know i could use regex but I do not know the pattern.

Please help


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Hello @MasterOfLogic ,

Check this pattern and let me know [0-9(,|.)]+\s[KB]+
if KB is varying you can define like this [0-9(,|.)]+\s[KB|MB]+

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