How to extract the numeric value?

Hi All,
How to extract the value $2900 and $0, where the radio button is selected,
and I dont wanna select the values which radio button is not select.

can someone help me on this??


Hi @HeartCatcher

For that you need to extract the whole value from the Radio Button Using Screen Scrapping or Get text activity and print the output in the Log message activity and share the text with us.

After the You can Use Regex expression to get the expected data.


Hello @HeartCatcher

You need to use the Check app state to check whether the particular element exists or not on the radio button. It means if you check or uncheck a radio button it will be having different selectors. So you need to make it as a loop and check whether the radio button is checked. If checked get the corresponding test and then use regex expression to get the amount.

Scrape the data in log message ad then split usning “|” and select item with index 0


Extract the entire value from application for that use Get Text or screen scraping then do Split string with space you will get the value