How to extract the number?

Hi, Can you please help me to get the number.
Here on the portal the view contact icon is given but when we click on the contact icon button then only the number is visible.

so can you please help how can I get this number and this on the candidate profile so I need for all candidate.

@Palaniyappan @lakshman Please help, can we use data scrapping here.

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we can use ocr activities to get the number buddy @balkishan
use anchor base activity and keep that image image as anchor and use get ocr text activity to get the number in right side of the anchor base activities
Cheers @balkishan

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we need to get all the names with data scrapping and with that data we need to click on each name with find text position and get the output of it as a uielement and pass that element in click activity as input
–use retry scope to scroll down where mention the condition as element exist and in above part use click and send hot key with key down
Kindly try ths and let know buddy
Cheers @balkishan

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I am so sorry bro not getting this point?

Actually I already used the data scrapping here to get the name and the profile title to download it. But here I want to click on the view contact and get the phone number given here for all profile. so can I used the old activity data scrapping here to click on this then I don’t think it will extract the data here.

Fine no worries
kindly try this once
will get to the next point later once we are done with this budy
lets go one step at a time
Cheers @balkishan

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Bro As I already used the data scrapping here to get the candidate name and profile title where I am downloading the resume. So here I want to know it is possible to use data scrapping here for View Contact. Right me if I am wrong bro ?

or I have to use the Anchor based activity here. ?

so we have to loop through it na bro?

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fine i haven’t tried with this kind of data scrapping like getting to each field inside of first data scrapping and get the details…interesting…!
lets try that too buddy @balkishan