How to extract the data using regex

Strange. Please check the xaml i shared. Mine is working fine.

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Ya i use but its showing error

I use String type

Ya its working fine but why its not working when am using read pdf ?

Could you please explain why? it will helps to me

Chethan P

Thanks i got the solution i thing in the activity error is catch so i get like that

i delete the Matches activity and again i read automate that its working fine now

thanks for the help @prasath17 @MarinAlexandru

thank you so much

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And i want to know if we extract the date also is it possible to extract the data in the same match activity

Please some sample data, where the date is present?

in this date is there i need to extract that.

@copy_writes - Here you go…


Not only date both date and Name together ?

Chethan P

@copy_writes - you can use two patterns separately and extract the details you want. That will still meet your requirement right?

No what am asking is is this possible in regex like we have use two pattern in a single matches?

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