How to Extract the data from MYSQL database

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I want to extract data from the MySQL database but hear we have to read directly from the MySQL I don’t want to store in excel sheet from there only I want to read the data.

For Example, I have 3 columns Column 1- Name, C2-Email-ID, C3-Date
Hear robot want to read the date column and compare today date if its compare it has to send the email to his Email-ID(C2 Column) how to read the data without stored in excel

I already Connect the UIpath to the database and execute the query also

ScreenShoot below

I hope I get the solution from the Uipath Avengers.

Chethan P

Can you manipulate the options above the grid to set the output to text or csv.

And then automate the export button to save results to a text /csv file?

I remember doing this in DBeaver for PostgreSQL data .

The Execute Query activity outputs the resulting data as a Datatable, which could be saved as an Excel or CSV file but does not have to.
Simply use the For Each Row activity to iterate through your results of your output variable and use the data of each row as you need.


thanks for your reply I will check.

Chethan p

I got a solution to thank you very much…

Thanks :beers:
Chethan P

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