How to extract the .csv file into a .xlsx?

I have extracted a scanned image of Sales Invoice[Image 1] which contains Item name, quantity, price, name of the shop etc. and stored it in a .csv file[Image 2]. But I want the extracted information to store it in a specified format[Image 3]. For details I have attached the screenshots for reference.
Please help me with this scenario.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @Sivasees_Rajguru

First you can use the Read CSV activity to read the data in the excel to a datatable. In this activity, you can specify how you want the data to be delimited in to columns you need. This will create the datatable you need…

Now you can use a Write range activity to write the data on to excel file.

can you please explain in details how to delimit the data and send it to excel column?

Did we try with this component export pdf to excel
Kindly try once with this

Or if that doesn’t work will check with another option that we have like string manipulation ice after reading the pdf with just READ PDF or READ ODF with OCR

Cheers @Sivasees_Rajguru

hi… @Palaniyappan
the image pdf file is already extracted using ocr but i am unable to store those informations in to different columns.
Please help me out.

Can You share this csv/Excel file?
You can do this by using hotkeys or by using macros

How can I convert the image file to excel as it is?

Kindly help me out.

For my understanding, your required output is related third Image. you can extract the table and supplier name alone or else try to write it entire information in notepad “.txt” format. which you convert easily from text to excel file.

For extraction use “Abbyy OCR” which will give good quality comparing to other OCR engine.

If you need any other further assistance, please let me know. I will do my best.

Hi, I am facing the same problem. I am reading csv and writing as xlsx. In between, the format is changing for cell values. How can I retail the actual csv format for corresponding columns. Please help

Hi @devops

Can you show what the change is? I’m not sure I’m following

please find the attachment, not able to solve the problem. It has been more than 16days i’m unable to find the solution.