How to extract the address number(store no) using regex

Hello I need to extract the data from the address so can anyone help me to extract the data
Note: the address changes every time

order number: 9658523145695
Store# Name and address of the store

Chethan Karnataka

I need to extract the Number

Chethan P

@copy_writes - Could you please share one more sample ?

Hi @copy_writes

Try \d{4}



@copy_writes - I was asking for 2nd sample text…Please check this…


it will change to the 5 digits also and 4 digits number will be there for other value

its include the line also ?


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Hi @copy_writes
Can you send a sample address to extract data using regex condition.

hear the number is not extracting!

addres.txt (125 Bytes)

Hi @copy_writes

What you want to extract only the number “6219”

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yes, number only, and we can use replace method then the code will work i think?! we can use this

but 4 digits is no constant and it would be change 2 3 4 6 5 numbers

Try this regex and till will work.

Try this also.
This solution works, then mark it as solved

@copy_writes - Please check here

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@copy_writes - Did you get a chance to test this?? If yes and everything is working…May I ask to close this topic by Marking my post as solution…

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