How to Extract Table Data From Different PDFs

first pdf txt file
i Have to Extract Item Quantity Rate Amount
second Pdf txt file
here Also I must Extract item Quantity Rate Amount

Like this i am having Some pdf but the text file it is different from one pdf to another pdf
please any one help

Thanks in Advance

Hello @srujana13a5 ,

Will you be able to give the PDF files to check ?


I know two ways to do this:

  1. try document understanding for extracting the required data - will require some licences and other things you can check youtube or official uipath docs
  2. I had done similar things using python , there is a library called “tabula-py” it works really good and extract structured tables from pdf very easily , but you will need java to be installed in your device inorder to use this , ++its open source library

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


you can open your pdf file in adobe and start to scrape those values using the OCR activities, also you can try with document understanding which is more reliable, for this case if your pdf is structured based you can use the form extractor, else use the regex extractor to get the values.