How to Extract Specified Text from PDF and export it to excel coloumn

I am trying to fetch 3 details from SSR Reports Downloaded from NAAC Website. The 3 things to extract are

  1. University Name
  2. Everything in 1.1 Executive Summary
  3. Everything in 5. Conclusion

Kindly suggest me how to use substring or selector to extract the specified text from a series of standard document like this. I tried using substring but not got any desired output. for getting SSR Reports you may visit

Welcome to uipath community
We got many options to do this

If the terms in reports can be chosen as a element
—we can use Anchor base activity where in the left side we can use find element and in the right side we can use get text activity
—we can directly use get text activity

If it’s not a element and if it’s a image
—same in anchor base activity with find image in left side and right side use screen scrapping method
—or directly use screen scrapping method from design tab in the studio
—or we can use COMPUTER VISION Activities

Or if it’s a drop down we can use FIND CHILDREN activity where mention as Find Descendants in the property panel and get the output with ienumerable of uielement
—next to that use a for each activity where pass the above obtained output variable and inside the loop use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and pass the input as item
—from get attribute activity we can get the output with attribute either from “aaname” or from “text” as a string output variable

Cheers @kunalkrsna

Thank You for your suggestions but this already I knew but these things would not help me. For better clarity I would Like to share image of Page 1 to extract university name from this page

Extract everything in 1. Executive Summary until 2. Point Comes, image attached

Extract Everything in Conclusion, Also remember that It has to be dynamic and working over a range of 64 files.

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