How to extract specific data from excel column and write the extracted data into another column of diff excel file

Hi all, I am a super rookie here.
I am tasked to copy a column data (excel column S20 to S250 ) from spreadsheet A to spreadsheet B. ( different column (J16 to J248).
I have able to reproduce the whole data in a new tab in Spreadsheet A . ( I was thinking of using this data for copying) but I am unable to copy this data to spreadsheet B.

Please advise me . Thank you very much.


Have a look here,

Hello there,
Thank you for the kind tip. I still face problem copying the column. ( I am using Write Range function). I can only open a new spreadsheet with this function but the column data is not captured. ( The specific column S1:S250 from spreadsheet 1 is not populated to spreadsheet 2 S1:S250 .

correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Write Range - we can specify the range we want to be copied?

Thank you.