How to extract specific data based on input frequency

Hi Team,

If frequency is Monthly. I need to extract the subject like For the Month of December 2023.
If I will run in January 2024 need to extract only Dec 2023.

For example I will run in March 2024 the subject will be For the Month of February 2024.

Need to extract Feb 2024 dynamically.

  1. If frequency is Quarterly and I will run the flow in 1,4,7,10 months only and Subject like this For Q4, October through December 2023.

If I will in 1(January)in the subject need to Q4.
If run in 4 month bot need to extract Q1
Like this
Need to extract Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 based on Bot run in the month .

  1. If frequency is Annually.
    If I will run in January 2024 subject like this For January to December 2023.

Form that I need to extract Jan to Dec 2023

If I will run in Feb need to extract Fec to Jan 2024.

Kindly suggest

Hi @Baby123

Is the below solution is not worked for you, same query you have raised in the below post right.

Hi @mkankatala ,
It’s working. Thankyou @mkankatala but above one is different
Here I need to extract the month names and year .

Can you check my requirement.

Then could you please close the past thread, by mark my post as solution… @Baby123

I already marked as solution.

Without doing your homework :wink: and providing a complete solution, a few tips on how I would approach this.

I see 3 different sub-use cases, so lets peel them off one by one.

  1. given any month, you need to know the month before it.
    So I could use the current date/input date, and simply use myInputDate.AddMonths(-1). This will calculate a new date, so it automatically takes care of changing years if you go from Jan → Dec

  2. Here you have 2 desired dates, indicating the range of the quarter. So DateStart and DateEnd. DateEnd is easy, that is by default DateStart + 2 months (assuming we focus only on the months.
    Determining the start date I would first calculate the 1st month of the quarter of the input date. You can do this by a full calculation, but since a year only has 12 months for the foreseeable future you could also just create a small static collection of the months per quarter.
    Once you know the first month of the input quarter, the report start date is by default substracting 3 months from that date, turning Jan '23 into Oct '22. Then end date then Dec 22 by adding 2.

  3. this one a combination of both. You know the input month. The end date is input month -1. the start date is the end date -11 (or input minus 12 whichever you prefer.

By using proper date/time datatypes these calculations allow you to derive month and year at your leisure.

You haven’t done at @Baby123

Check the below thread to know how to close the loop.


from any date if you need month name then Date.ToString("MMMM") and for year Date.Year.ToString will give the year


Hey @Baby123
here you can find working workflow: (3.1 KB)