How to extract selected text from xml tag statement

Could anyone help me out in this . Need retrieve highlighted test (email)

Sample input is given below
Testinput.txt (122 Bytes)

Hi @Soundarya_Guduri,

You can get the specified areas with this regex pattern.

(?<=CDATA[ ).*?(?=\ ])


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Hi @Soundarya_Guduri

Please use the following inside a loop

Assumign the text is in variable str

  1. Add for loop with type argument as string and List of items as str.Split(Environment.NewLine(),StringSplitoptions.None)
  2. Indise add a assign and on left give str2(a new variable) on right give str.Split(“”,StringSplitoptions.None)(0).Trim

In each loop you will get each line separately

Or use regex like this (?<=CDATA[ ).*?(?=\ ])


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