How to extract real-time data

Hello guys, I would like to extract the real-time stock price from the website, and as you know the stock price keeps changing all the time, so I want to record all the changing stock prices within three into an Excel file, so how can I record the data in the website which keeps changing all the time. Thank you!


Did you tried it using get text or get attribute activity?


You can refer this post

You can use a combination of activities, including the “ While” loop, and “Get Text” activity, and variables to track the highest value. Here’s the steps.

1.Initialize Variables

highestValue = 0

  • startTime = Current Time
    2.Take While loop (Condition: Check if the time elapsed is less than three minutes)
    inside the loop take Get Text activtiy (to extract the current value from the website)
    Assign ( value to currentValue)


(currentValue > highestValue)

Assign (highestValue = currentValue)
-Assign (startTime = Current Time)

End Do While’

it will check the until three mints and you will get the highest value for three mints


You can the three minutes like this way

Note variable type = DateTime


Have you considered using one of the many available REST APIs to get stock data? Like Yahoo…