How to extract out subject and email sent date from outlook mail into excel sheet

I need help to extract out the order # and the transaction date from the email into an excel sheet. As currently when i use uipath to pass through the tables in the outlook mail, I only managed to extract out the product, quantity and price. However, I want to extract out the order # and the transaction date so that the format will be in product, quantity, price, transaction date and month in an excel sheet. Someone please advise…

hey @weilingRetrieve Email Info.xaml (6.5 KB)
created a simple workflow to extract Subject

after this you can use that variable and use Add Data Row Activity to add it to data table cheers!

How do I use that workflow to include it into my sequence? I’m quite new to uipath so i don’t really know how things work… please help

send your workflow!

go through my workflow!
you’ll get an idea!

Can I have your email or other alternate ways for me to send you my workflow? I can’t attach the files here as the forum restricted me to attach files as I just created this account.

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Hi Pradeep. thanks for showing interest to help. I’m building my first flow similar to weiling’s one. I reached a point of “multi assign” where error occurs. No luck to fix it yet. does below screenshot of the workflow visible ?