How to Extract Number from Mail it is Body?

Hi All,

i want to extract a number from multiple Mails.the number was in Body of that mails how can i get that number can anyone help me.


Thanks in advance

Hey if that body is in some variable, lets say BodyValue you can use Matches activity to get the number.

In Matches activity in input property put the BodyValue, in Pattern put “\d+” and in result create it by using CTRL + K and named it something like RegexResults.

After that you can store those result like RegexResults(0).Value in Assign activity



Hi @srdjan.suc Thanks for ur Response
This is i done but not working
1.i have created varible like GetPassword
2.assigned GetPassword=item.Body.ToString
3.assigned GetPassword=System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(GetPassword,“[1]*$”).Value
can u collabrate briefly

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Sure, I’ll make simple flow to demonstrate the Matches activity

krishnareddy.xaml (4.6 KB)

The picture is in case you cannot open the flow because of dependencies (some problem with versioning)