How to extract first letter of every word from pdf to excel

For instance,

The Great Gatsby

Within a table cell

Gets stored as


Hello @Roboto1
Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Assign strInput = “The Great Gatsby”
  2. Assign strArray = Split(strInput, " ")
  3. Assign strOutput = “”
  4. For Each word in strArray
    a. Assign strOutput = strOutput + word.ToString.SubString(0,1)

Once done, strOutput should be “TGG”

Let me know if this works on your end.
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

Please refer it hope it will help

Flowchart1.xaml (8.6 KB)

i dont know who did this
but i was send for reference only

Hello friend,

You can use Read PDF File activity (you need to instal it from the Package Manager).
After that you can use Matches Activity to use Regex and extract only the first letter from the string, then store that in a string or string array.

Regex for that is >>>> \b\w <<<<