How to extract excel data - Technical interview question


Technical interview question

Assume I have two excel files Excel 1 have 500 rows and Excel 2 have 500 Rows
I added 100 rows in Excel 2 now I want to extract those 100 rows in Excel 2 and add those 100 rows in excel 1.

How to extract those exact 100 rows and add them in Excel 1

Thanks in Advance…


Hello @tejaswi_nerella,

You should read both excels and then use merge data table activity. After that remove duplicates rows, and then you can add the 100 rows to the Excel 1.


Then, Assign Activity–> Var_Counter = var_DTEXCEL1.Rows.Count.ToString

Write Range Activity → Range= “A” + (Var_Counter + 1) / Text = var_DT from RemoveDuplicates

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

i think this is not a solution… why u removing the duplicates rows