How to extract entire column from one Datatable and appending it to another datatable which already has columns

I have a datatable DT1, to which i want to extract entire column of my choice and append that column as it is to another datatable DT2 which already has columns.

Can any1 guide me on this as we currenty have Add Row activity only for inserting data


May be this will help you

You can use Read Column activity to ready the column you want. and use linq to join the data tables.
But is there any relationship between the two datatables or its a blind copy? What if the number of rows is different is both datatables?

@Mohit_Sagar i don’t knw how to do this bt i want some help …
Steps :
i. Create a new table using uipath
ii. Copy data of previous day into table1
iii. Copy data of today in table2
iv. Use compare query , which shows the newly added users, users with modified role and deleted users
can i do this using uipath…plz do replay