How to extract Employee Id from Sql DB and compare with Excel Sheet Employee Id..?

Hi Guys… I need to extract Employee Id 's from Sql DB Table and compare with Excel Sheet Employee Id’s. Those the Match Employee Id should be sent email with its row information. As of now I have extracted Employee Id from Sql Table using Execute Query… I have been confused how to compare with excel sheet data… ?? please anyone solve this one…??

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Can you be please be more in detail ?

If your goal is to check whether the excel contains the same employee id, you can read excel data as ExcelDT

Lets assume , u have employee ID in Employee DT.

You can iterate through it using for each row ,

Then use filter Wizard with ExcelDt as input and create a temp output Datatable , TempDT and pass the employee ID in the filter wizard.

Then you can check the output datatable to know if it contains any rows using tempDT.row.count , if this contains any rows, that means the employee id exist in excel

Hi @Rahul1122 Use for each row to iterate through excel and set the index. Then within this loop check whether the id is same or not using index.

Hi Vishnu…

for example In the first step i am extracting only one Employee Id(12345678) from Sql DB table and think in the excel sheet i am having 10 Employee Ids… The first Sql table Employee Id should Match with the 10 Employee Id’s present in the Excel sheet. The One Employee Id which matches in Excel to be picked up and sent mail with along the row inforamtion(employee name, location)

Hi Anand… Could u please explain a little bit more

Hi @Rahul1122,

If you extracting one emp id and storing it into a variable then within the for each row activity you can use a if condition and check whether its value is same or not if yes you can perform email steps else proceed with other emp id.

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