How to extract embedded pdf files from a pdf files

Is there a way where I can extract embedded pdf files from a pdf ?

can you try this activity/package?, it may work I have not tried it,
Get Attachments in PDF File - #2 by RSalamow

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My pdf is password protected it’s throwing an exception

Screenshot (79)

Hi @Ishan_Shelke1 ,
First remove pdf password with “Manage PDF Password” activity. Then try extract attachments from pdf.

Tried doing that, but then.

Screenshot (80)

Hmm I see. Then I will need to update the PDF Tracktor project for pdf files with password. For now doing the work from GUI pdf application seems to be good of bad solution.

I tried to search , but its like we need to use some kind of c# library/module ,
I just had concern on this as there may be some data confidentiality of pdf and we don’t know much how the library works so , as a work around can you try to open the pdf in adobe reader and over there you will get the option to extract the embedded file(this will be UI interaction way)
google it

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