How to extract drop down content when find children is not working?

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Can anyone please help me on how to extract dropdown content when the “find children” activity is not working? I cannot use the “select item” activity because “the control does not support the item”. After using the click activity, how do i extract the drop down content?

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Fine children activity would work actually
May I know what was the issue you were facing with that
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Hi @newbie2

Are you Able to do with the click Activity

@shwin S

@Palaniyappan The content was not extracted out

@AshwinS2 yes, everything was fine with the click activity, when it comes to the drop down that i want to extract the content, nothing is scraped out.

Use Get Attributes activity.

Inputs of Get attributes:
Attributes: “items”
Result: arr_dropdown

*arr_dropdown–>Variable of string array
Values will be stored as a array.

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Fine did we try mentioning find descendants in the find children activity along the property SCOPE
in the property panel
Cheers @newbie2