How to extract different fields from PDF

Hi Team,

I am new to UI path. I am working on one project where i have to fetch fields from True PDF file. I am using Read PDF text activity since PDF has no images but when i am using this activity i am getting “Index was outside the bounds of array”.
Please help me to extract fields


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Hello @akhil.dwivedi,

Is PDF is Scanned one or Digital one??

It is Digital PDF


I guess you are using incorrect expression. Could you show me screenshot of that data and what expression are you using to fetch that data. So that we can look and help you better.


I believe if you are having the “Index was outside the bounds of array” it means that the Read PDF text failed, it means there is nothing in the array you populated.

You could try to open the pdf, using the ‘Start Process’ Activity and then use the ‘Get text’ Activity to get the text you want.


HI Team,

Can anyone please share XAML file of PDF data extraction and posting data in SAP

Akhil Dwivedi