How to Extract DataTable from Pdf



I have one pdf file and there is a Text as well as Table in that pdf file.
My requirement is to Extract the only Table from the pdf file and the pdf file is not a native file.
How to Extract Data Table?
Does anyone have the solution for this?

Thanks in advance.


hi @Mohini_Shelke

Use Read PDF text activity

Ashwin S


This Activity only Extract Text from PDF file and I want to Extract Whole DataTable from pdf .
So,Read PDF text Activity will not work for me.


*First Build datatable with all columns defined and create output datatable
*Use get text with ocr and extract all the fields individually and create output variables
*Use add data row and pass the Output variables in array format to datatable.



Yes, of course, it is possible to extract data table from PDF document by using PDF Data Extraction Software. This application allows you extract table data without any data loss. So, to carry out the process you can use this softwrae and select the page option. After that, enter the specific page containing the table. Once, you provide the page number, the tool will extract data from the table.

I hope this will solve your problem.
Thanks & Regards