How to extract data of people who are about to be retired from their service on attaining 65 yrs of age using UiPath Community Edition?

I want to get all the data of the people who have attained 65 years of age and are eligible to retire. I want to use UiPath Community Edition to complete my work. I only have Names , DOB and joining date data of the people in Excel format. So, How should I go about performing this task??


Hi @Moola_Kommalu

Is it a web application ?

Ashwin S


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As you said the data contains DOB of the employee. Calculate Age and based on that process the records.


Good evening Moola (I think rivello beat me to the punch, but they deleted their post),

First you’ll want to get the current date:

Next you’ll want to calculate the difference between today’s date and the DOB provided in the Excel file by using the DateDiff function:


Hi @AshwinS2

No it is not. I am using UiPath Studio (Community Addition).

Good evening Chenderson.

Thank you very much for your help. I will look into the links you have posted and I will try to complete my task according to that.

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Moola Kommalu

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Hello lakshman,

Thanks for your help. I am a beginner at using Uipath studio software. Even so I’ll try to do the operations you have suggested.

Moola Kommlau

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