How to extract data like name,role and location from this pdf using regex

I want to extract the data like name role and location from this pdf using regex where these 3 datas doesnt contains anchor base for it.

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Did we try with Document understanding to extract these data

Have a look on this doc for more details

Here we can Regex extractor along with other modes of extraction which will make it more reliable in extracting the data

Cheers @Ranganathan_M

I already got solution for this using document understanding. Now i want to extract datas without using DU but with Regex and its a native pdf.
Pls help me to extract the above mentioned data using regex and pdf activities.

Being native is fine
But is the format remains same for all the file
Only then Regex will work @Ranganathan_M

Is there any possibilities buddy to achieve this @Palaniyappan

yeah its a same format for all d files.

Hello @Ranganathan_M

What all values do you need as an Output from the above PDF Screenshot?

Also if possible can you share 2 sample pdf Documents for building the exact regex that you need.

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@Pratik_Wavhal Around 18 Values I want to extract from each pdf.
FileName,Name,Current Role,Current Location,Summary,Current Company,Current Role-1,Current Period,Current Work Location,Current Work Description,Previous Exp-1,Previous Exp-2, Previous Exp-3,Previous Exp-4,Previous Exp-5,Education,Contact,TopSkills,Languages.