How to extract data from the phpmyadmin SQL Database using Uipath?

I am using Wamp server and i want to extract data from the table which I have created in Phpmyadmin and print that date in an Excel sheet. Please suggest me a solution or share a workflow for this.

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@Asmit_Anand1 From the attached file change db configuration and query (2.1 KB)

I am getting an Exception after making changes in this workflow that you shared with me .

@Asmit_Anand1 Error in your db configuration check it

Main.xaml (6.1 KB)
If you don’t mind can u check my db configuration please.

@Asmit_Anand1 You can check by clicking configure connection β†’ connection wizard β†’ Choose data source->ok-> In the user or system data sorce name->choose Mysql->give uname and password if you have ->than click test connection

While configuring connection i am getting this error.

@Asmit_Anand1 - Do you get any solution regarding this issue ?

Check this - (2.2 KB) (2.0 KB)

Key point - Set the connection properly