How to Extract data from Read only Excel Sheets

Hi ,
How we can get data from
read only excel file without changing the properties. wip.xlsx (8.4 KB).

and if we want to add column into it how we would do that ?

I would use Excel Application Scope then Read Range activity to read the xlsx file, t
then i would create new excel file with added columns

Hi @Navneetj3

You can use the read range activity to read the data to a datatable. If you can add new column while processing then you can use add data column activity and add the data to the datatable. Once done, you can use the write range to write the data back to a new excel sheet.

i tried using read range within excel application scope ,but the datatable is blank . I have attached the sheet for the reference.

Navneetj3.xaml (5.8 KB)

Works fine with me

Is it necessary to use outputdatatable activity . why we can not use dt.tostring in writeline after readrange .

Thanks for your help!

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Datatable is converted to string by using output datatable…

In the read range activity, for output property have you provided the datatable variable?

Because you can’t use dt.toString since DataTable is not one dimensional

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Got it .
thanks to all

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