How to extract data from flowchart symbols



I am trying to extract flowchart and generate a text file by explaining the flowchart. So I have to extract initially flowchart symbols… if anyone knows suggest me an idea… for ex. If I have a flowchart as attached

then i need output as Driving Instructions: keep driving forward. If is there a spotlight ahead? then if is the spotlight red? then stop else keep going else keep going if there is enough gas in the car then keep driving forward else find a petrol station and buy gas…



I really don’t think this is a suitable task for a robot - that’s a context analysis problem, not a clearly defined task.
Even if you do manage to do it, I don’t think it would be worth the needed time investment.

Is it possible to have the flowcharts in different format, or do you have only images of them?



images only… can i do shape comparison using uipath


I think this is impossible.
You would need the following:

  • total number of shapes
  • to get the connectors / arrows
  • somehow loop through all shapes
    None of this are available…
    The only think you could do is to extract the text but you will not get the connectors; plus you cannot differentiate line breaks inside shapes vs the text of another shape (which might have been useful to distinguish each shape)