How to extract data from a web page grid nested grid

I’m trying to extract data from a web app data grid where each row may sometimes contain a nested data grid.


Customer Name Country

A1 John USA
Payment Amount
1 5.00
2 3.00
B2 Joe UK
C3 Bob UK
Payment Amount
1 15.00
2 2.00

I can extract the outer data fine. I’ve manually edited the ExtractMetadata to get the first row of the nested data, but I can’t seem to do the inner loop to extract all the nested rows.

Is there a way to extract all the data into one DataTable, like this:

Customer Name Country Payment Amount

A1 John USA 1 5.00
A1 John USA 2 3.00
B2 Joe UK
C3 Bob UK 1 15.00
C3 Bob UK 2 2.00

Thanks in advance!

I tried to capture data from grid - from webpage, excel and image, but none of the 3 works. I used data scrapping.

Has anyone got successful in extracting data from grid, and if you can help with where the grid data was (such as excel or webpage), and what steps you performed.

I am using latest community edition software.

@RobotLearner Maybe this will help:

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hope this might help you.


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