How to extract current price, open, high and low prices for index names of nseindia website

Actual Requirement:
Input: Email
Input Parameters: Index Names
1. Go to “nseindia” website.
2. For index names given in email, extract current price, open, high and low prices.
3. Reply to the mail id with index details.

Actually I am done with dispatcher part but don’t know how to start with performer part. Can anyone suggest me with some solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @prachi,

Welcome to the Uipath community.

Your Dispatcher part is Done That means Now you should have a list IndexNames With you that you want to Process.

To Start a Performer -

  1. First Start by creating a Xaml having a Input arguement as IndexNumber.
    2.Complete the Code of Getting the Data From NSE SITE here -
  2. Once Completed - test this xaml by provideing Hardcoded value to the arguement.
  3. Once Successful - Inside the Process.Xaml - Take a Foreach loop and Loop the List of Indexes from Dispatcher and pass the Item one by one to this Xaml.


Thank you Mukesh will try it.