How to extract/copy dynamic number from browser link

Hi all,

i have one URL which will be open on chrome,i want to extract last number from it.i tried open browser and hotkey to extract it but Ui Explorer is failed to scrap the region.
here i send u URL:
Track & Trace (Open in Chrome)

and i want this 17230377896 number which will be change next time because its dynamic.
please tell me if anyone have.

Hi there @sayli,
There are a few ways you can tackle this.

First, you could use the ‘Get Attribute’ activity against the browser, setting the attribute to ‘URL’. This will give you the current URL, which can be stored in a Variable.

Using this Variable, you can do some String manipulation or Regex to get the number, either will work fine.

For example, you could use SubString and IndexOf to get all text after “awbnumber=”.

Unfortunately, I am on my phone at the moment, so I cannot provide an example, but hopefully this gives you an idea :smiley:

Thanks in advance,


Can you try the following expression?




thanks, i will try without scraping then