How To Extract Background Color In A Web Application Or Desktop Application?

How to get background color in a web application or desktop application?

While facing difficulties in trying to get the background color of any element or table grid or of any particular application, below are some of the ways to achieve it.

Approach #1:

  • Use Get Attribute activity and then indicate the element. Mention 'style' in Attribute property. It will retrieve the entire style from which background color property can be obtained by string manipulation (splitting maybe).

Note: Explore all the CSS or design attributes related to the desired field and most probably one of the attributes available should help fetch the color especially if it is a web application.

Approach #2: Try the Color detector activity as visualized in the Color Detector video .

(Note: This activity comes under UiPath Community Support)

Approach #3: Using UiPath.MicrosoftVision.Activities.GetColor

Note: These approaches will not work when dealing with Images.