How to extract all the row values from excel to webform

this is the excel sheet and “edit now” column values should be extracted from the excel to a webform

This is webform and in the “edit now” only the first row data is getting extracted.
Please help me out.


We have to understand the selector properties( use ui explorer if you are not able to get the proper selectors) for the different rows(so that we will understand what is the difference between rows in terms of selectors) in that table which you are trying enter the value in web form. Based on that we have to use counter to increase the table row to enter the values

Second method we can use simple type into before that we can give send hot key type( which your application to support to go to the next row cell) to achieve this requirement. Please try these methods and let me know thanks.

tried using the second method but not working only first row data is getting populated.
thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1


in that case we have to go with the dynamic row reference option in selectors. Could you please share your selectors for the First edit now text field and second one and send us both selectors information. thanks.

This is the selector for edit now field.

I don’t know what changes to make in this to extract all the row values from the excel can you please help me out?
Thank you


Based on the screenshots not sure what to suggest on the Ui explorer selectors. is there any selector representing row. And also one try we can do i could see there is parent id in the selector InventAdjacentTransaction_2_AdjustNow_12 Capture selector from Ui explorer for two Edit now fields and let me know do you see any difference for this property. thanks.