How to extract all the ocurrences of a node in a XML File

Hey there! Have a good day! I have a question for you.

I have this xml and what I have to do is extract all the times the “Retencion”/“Importe” element appears.
I tried to do it with a for each in a deserialized string, but failed. Some help?
I’m a new user and i cant upload files, so, there is a screenshot

Hi @RossBastian,

You could try to read the .xml with the Read Text File activity , and you are getting as result a string variable (let’s say str).

Then, in order to get your number you could get it thru:

Regex.Matches(str,Regex.Escape("Retencion")).Count.ToString --> for counting how many times there is “Retencion”

Regex.Matches(str,Regex.Escape("Importe")).Count.ToString --> for counting how may times there is “Importe”

Hope this helps
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You should try XPath. XPath can be used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document.

@RossBastian - Please check this post…

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