How to extract all tabs name in Desktop Application


I need to extract more than ~20 tab names from an application window (there can be more as well) and due to which it\s going beyond the screen. Also, all the names in tab are dynamics and transaction specific.
Is there a way I can get list of all tab names so that I can loop through each of them and then extract data?


hi @sudarshan.poojary

You can get all open process by getting all process using “Process.GetProcesses()” .
After getting all running process You can go through each process title name by using “item.MainWindowTitle”.

Here i am attaching a sample artifact to get all running process Title Name.

ToGetAllProcessWindowTitle.xaml (6.4 KB)

Let me know the results :slight_smile:



The tabs are within another application window. Is that correct? In this case you should use Find All Children. A screenshot would help.


Hi @badita but I think the above process.getprocess will show all process even inside another app. Suppose if chrome browser is opened and two tabs are there then above artifact will show the process at the last with app name. After this others can use conditions and your logics according to your need.



Yes. With Chrome tabs that might work. I was suspecting that we are dealing with an applications that has its own tabs inside.


Yeah @badita
You are right because chrome uses new process for every tab. It will depend on that app if they are also using single process for single Window because it is a good approach if one tab will hang then won’t effect other tabs and app also.

@sudarshan.poojary need more info about app here.



Hi @badita ,
The tabs are inside the application itself, however as they are dynamic in nature we are not getting names.
@aksh1yadav, here I am talking about Desktop application tabs and not Chrome tabs. Thanks for the example though.

The tabs which I was mentioning are highlighted in yellow and as you can see there are many tabs due to which we need to click on right arrow and look for the details.


hi @sudarshan.poojary

for Dynamic name please use wild card operators with selectors.

Have you run that workflow uploaded by me? you were able to get process name there?

let me know that first



Hi @aksh1yadav,

Let me explain it to you once again what I need help for.

“I am trying to get names of all tabs in Desktop Application and not Chrome or any other web application”

Note : Refer the screenshot of the application if you still have confusion.

The xaml file you have sent is to get windows processes which will not give the answer what I am expecting for my question.

Thank you for looking into this :slight_smile:


Hi @sudarshan.poojary

Have you tried using the UIExplorer and check if those tab you are looking for exist?
For my screenshot example is a Java program, perhaps the program you are trying to hook may have similar pattern which you can use Find All as recommended by @badita.


i need all windows so only main window is will not work for me kindly suggest if there is any option i can extract all the open windows of an application