How to extract all item from a ComboBox

I am trying to extract all item from Combobox I have already tryed using an exemple from a guy here in forum where he extracted item from a combobox in site W3Schools Tryit Editor.
But the page that I need to extract has a different HTML, please see the HTMLL below.

The site that I am using is Banco Central do Brasil

I will appreciate any help about it.

Hi @egameiro

I think you can use the Inject Js Script activity to implement that, refer to (1.8 KB)

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in that scenario it can be done with find children.
set the selector to the ul element and filter for the li/a … elements.

Dont forget to set the find scope to find_descendants when the element is deeper nested

Thank you wusiyangjia your solution worked perfectly and very fast.

Thank you ppr your solution worked.

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