How to extract activity logs in Service Now ticket using Service Now activities


I have a scenario to extract all the details from service now ticket.
I am able to extract ticket number, assigned to, opened by, etc details from sc_req_item table and variables from ‘Get Variables’ activity.
But I am not able to extract activities from ticket and not sure which table I have to use.

Please assist

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Swathi_Mangena,

Could you please explain me in detail with screenshot what you need to extract

Vinit Mhatre

@Vinit_Mhatre Thank you for the quick reply

Earlier, I automated the service now using UI automation but now client is upgrading the service now version and in new UI I am not able to capture any selectors. So, now we are refactoring our process using Service Now activities and we are not using UI anymore.

As per the requirement,

  • If there is no sufficient data to process, bot will add a comment to the ticket saying ‘insufficient data and add valid information to process the ticket’.
  • Then Business person will add the information in comments section. Those comments will reflect in activities section as shown in above screenshot.
  • Now, again bot has to pick that ticket and need to extract the activities section to get the information added by business person.
  • Earlier, I used ‘get text’ activity to extract, activities section and used regular expressions to get the information.
  • But now, not sure how to extract that activities section. And I need to extract everything in the activities section.