How to extract a whole datable row and then add +1 to the "Counter" in GetTransactionData part in REF?

So I have a Excel file as the input with 4 columns.
If I wanted to have the first cell of the first row and then continue looping trough I would do it like this:

The problem I have is that I dont know how to this same thing with the whole row. I want to add the get the values of the cells under each column.

I have tried this:

But the counter does not work with this one so I remove the whole Data Row so I dont repeat in for the next transaction. The problem is that this part gets messed up:

I only get half of the transactions processed.

How can I do this better or make the counter work just like with a single column and cell.

you can use Add Data Row Activity

You mean that I should use the Add Data Row Activity right after Remove Data Row Activity?

No need to use Remove data row activity

I mean it works:


The thing is the whole DataTable gets replaced with test test test test, It’s fine but does not look so pretty haha.

Can you explain how I should implent it?

If you can share your excel and workflow then I will update it and send to you

Hmm, its confidential information. But I can maybe create a “dummy” excel and just share one part of the xaml?, You can share me personally on my mail id,
Then I will help you

The excel file looks something like this:

The part I need to modify in the xaml looks like this(see below):

send output excel screenshot also then i will send you exact code for this

The output I want is that out_TranscactionItem contains these values:


And then the counter needs to add 1 so that the next time I get is;


When the last row is processed it should be done and tell me that there is “No transactions left”.

“dsd,3123131,432432432,2020-12-01” I use this later in my process.xaml and so on for each row.

Use in get transaction





Process Transaction :

Use remove from collection like


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let me know if you have doubt in logic

I will try this next week, thanks for taking the time and doing this. I will respond next week :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

same 2 u

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