How to export specific text from the body of outlook email to a excel?

The body of the email contains following details:

Website URL:
Name: nttravn
Phone: 0908923567

how to export each of these values of website, name, email, phone to a excel?

Hello @Arjun_Prasad
I did try one process same you say?i don’t know it same think about it


Thank you.

Tried to extract the sting using regex match activity.

I have encountered another issue with this. I am trying to read body of the emails from outlook which has following details and get The value of website URL, Name, Phone, Email etc… using regex match and testing it a write line activity.Website URL:
Name: Something
Phone: 12345
Referal URL:
Referal Landing URL:
IP address:
Affiliate Id: 1234

In few email body some of these details are missing. e.g, Referal URL will not be present. In such cases I get ‘Object reference not sent to an instance of an Object Write line error’. How to assign the value of those missing strings as ‘N/A’?

Hello @Arjun_Prasad

Can you provide your .xaml file.
I did not get the error you described

hi @Arjun_Prasad,

Can you provide the full body of mail?

Thank you all. I solved the issue with the help of this solution in this post Object reference not sent to an instance of an Object - #8 by Arjun_Prasad

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