How To Export Login History For All Users From Orchestrator

How to export login history for all users from Orchestrator and where is user login attempts information found?

  • Currently, Orchestrator does not show login history in audit logs for all users from admin/sys admin accounts.
  • However, this information is stored within the Orchestrator's database.
    Import-Module sqlps
    $SQLServer = "<SQL SERVER>"
    $DatabaseName = "<DATABASE NAME>"
    $ExportLocation = "<EXPORT PATH>\LoginAttempts.csv"
    $SQLquery="select * from dbo.UserLoginAttempts"
        $result=invoke-sqlcmd -query $SQLquery -serverinstance $SQLServer -database $DatabaseName
        Write-Host "Now Exporting"
        $result |export-csv "$ExportLocation" -notypeinformation

Included above is a powershell script that will pull the information available in dbo.UserLoginAttempts into a CSV.

Just replace <SQL SERVER> , <DATABASE NAME> and <EXPORT PATH> with the target SQL Server information.
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Great tip, thank you.

I spoke with our UiPath Sales Representative and with our UiPath Pre-Sales Consultant and they told me that direct access to the database will result in a loss of warranty claims. In my opinion this is contrary to the approach you published here. What is the right way now? Many thanks for clarification.


In general any direct database access that is not documented in UiPath published official docs is not directly supported. The statement above is an example of something published by UiPath and therefore officially supported. For exceptional case not documented UiPath Support or UiPath Professional Services should be engaged.

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Hello All - Has someone figured out an updated query for UiPath v22.10? Seems UserLogins table is no longer being used?