How to export data pulled from PDF via Anchor Base to Excel workbook?

How do you export data pulled from the Anchor Base to Excel? I can tell that its reading my PDF but I want that data to be put into excel.

  • Use Excel application scope activity, provide full path of Excel file.
  • Use write range activity, provide the required range and give input as netCreditBalance.
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If you already have some data in Excel then you can use read range get the data in Excel to datatable then add column to that new column you can assign the value extracted,
Once you done with all extraction you can write data table back to excel

Thanks! Though now Iā€™m running into an issue where its pulling the number two rows below it, even know I set the anchor base to the left of it. Any solutions?

In Get text activity add some more attributes with help of Uiexplorer. Which will make it more stable.

Also Run the code in Debug mode with highlight element option. This is to ensure the bot found the correct Anchor.