How to exit flow chart loop when the last task has been done?

How to exit the flow chart loop when the last task has been done? I have a list of URLs in excel which bot will execute one by one but don’t know how to tell the bot to exit the loop when the list is done.

Not sure how to use “if” function here.

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Use break activity within the loop at last once you are done with validation
Cheers @RPAwithAshish

Hi buddy
Once after bit executes the url in the last workflow in the flow chart use a assign activity with a variable of type Boolean like this
Status = True
Where Status is a Boolean variable
Then next to this workflow in the flow chart use a flow decision activity and mention condition like this status = True

— join a writeljne activity to the true side of flow decision telling that “Flow ends”
And connect the false part again to the activity that we need to continue or use again a write line activity mentioning “Stops abruptly”
Cheers @RPAwithAshish

Hi @RPAwithAshish

How did you go through the list of URLs in the excel file? Create datatable from the excel file and use for each row to go through one by one? Or other ways?

Here is a small sample that go through the excel file, open each URL from IE in the list, and once opened all URL, the bot is end.
Exit Loop after job (18.5 KB)

Hope this will help, or you can provide more details and samples and people will be able to help more.


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Thanks for the help!