How to execute search in chrome

I am trying to open a browser and a tab and it to load my calendar. I have found a workaround where the cursor in chrome will automatically be sitting on the URL in the new tab when opened. However, I can’t get the search to start e.g enter hotkey in URL. Any ideas?

Hello @SSJCalzana

I think your navigating from mail box to Google calender.

Then simply use navigate activity instead set text and enter key…


@Ajju Thanks for that. When I Implement that, it will navigate to another page but it will do that from the main gmail page. I want it to do that from the opened tab. Any ideas?


below workflow might help

Chrome.xaml (7.4 KB)


Thanks @Ajju. I ended up discovering a workaround of using a start process activity. Thanks for your help.

@SSJCalzana is it worked for you???

or still have issue?

@Ajju No, your method didn’t work. I used a start process activity and it would open all tabs in the browser.


that’s great… have a happy development :slight_smile: