How To Execute Process From Orchestrator With High Privilege Mode?

How to execute process from Orchestrator with High Privilege mode?

Scenario: Customer application can be accusable via administrator mode or a different user instead of using a Robot account.

Actual Robot execution Mode: Usually the execute.exe will open via user mode only with the Elevated = No ; To see this option, perform the below steps.

  1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box, type taskmgr and then hit Enter
  2. Go to the Details tab. Right-click any column header and choose “Select Columns” from the popup menu
  3. Scroll down until the Elevated option is seen, check that box and click OK
  4. Now, the Details tab of Task Manager will be showing a new “Elevated” column. It is possible to see which process is launched with admin/elevated privileges

If the executor.exe is noticed running under the non elevated mode then perform the below mandatory steps,

  1. Go to the uipath.executor.exe file path and right click go to Property
  2. View the Compatibility Tab
  3. Click on Change settings for all users
  4. In the new popup windows, enable Run this program run as administrator
  5. Click on Ok in the both popup windows

  1. Disable the UAC by following the below option,