How to Execute .Ksh extension file in UIPATH

We have a requirement, to execute the .ksh file in UiPath.
Manually customer is executing this .ksh file from LINUX tool Putty using execute commands.

So, Kindly suggest the ways to execute this file and is there any chance to execute from invoke powershellScript or any way ?


Create a bat file of the commands and use start process to invoke the bat file


Yes, invoke code is possible using bat file
But our user has been given to us .ksh code file then how can we change/create to .bat file.
Can you please suggest.


You just need to write the script to start the .ksp file using cmd…

Whatever command you use to start the .ksp …just save it in a notepad as .bat file

If its a single line command then you can use the command directly in start peocess as well and pass the ksp file as argument


To start .ksh or .tcl file they are writing the linux-putty commands, then same commands can we able to mention in .bat file using start process activitythen argument as code file .ksh or .tcl ?

Not much familiar to this

PuTTY – 30 Useful Putty Commands for Beginners (

Based on link provided commands, can you provide the start of .tcl file execution commands and share us the .bat file please

Is this correct ?

cd /appl/nexperia/Scripts/EOY/EOY2022/CutOver_Scripts/DeleteCurrentClassification
tclsh your_nex_Sales_Item_6TG_Extraction_V1.tcl


You can try this…in start process give the exe for putty and then pass this as the argument in it.

I was under assumption that you can using cmd prompt to open the files

If you have commands to work from cmd you just need to save the same in .bat file


ok will check.
But we have putty setup file in .msi


This is a setup file right…once you install there would be a exe file created in program
Files or the installation folder

Alternately check this