How to exclude SVN versioning from a project that is connected to SVN

I want to trick UiPath into NOT automatically associating a project with an SVN system while the project is under an SVN control (with use of TortoiseSVN) for other reasons (not UiPath related).

How can this be achieved?
Maybe a UiPath Studio setting file somewhere?
Maybe an SVN setting can be changed?

Hi @Andrzej_Marszalek - can you please give me more details about your use case? Give me a step by step description of your problem. What are you trying to do and cannot today? If you connect to SVN and open a studio project which is under source control, what is your expectation vs what happens today? Also sorry for the late reply here.

The problem is simple - my .xaml files reside in a folder that is under version control. This means UiPath connects to that SVN as well - which causes the file to load for a loooong time, as UiPath gets a lock for those files instead of just editing them locally (I will take care of commits and merging myself, no need for the tool to create a lock).

Ano the problem is that the file stays locked which pisses other people off - so unnecessary.

All I want is control over if UiPath connects to svn or not - I see no reason for which you made it automatic and obligatory.