How to estimate no.of hours required to automate a process?

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As a developer what are the points to consider in order to estimate the development time
I have read few topics in Forum but there is no clarity.

Can someone help me out please.

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Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

involving of applications to automate , SME responses, Admin availability after that
Due to changes in development phase we are not sure about that I think so.


Development time can vary between projects due to complexity and experience of the developer…

For example if its a simple process to say go to a URL and download an image it will take minutes but if you’re trying to automate accounting or more complex processes it can boil down to again, experience, capability, knowledge of the process, planning, capabilities in the software and other factors.

As a business we base time to complete dev work through the developer themselves (me) as they can gauge how long a step will take to build themselves, going back to my first point of if the task is clear and simple, maybe an hour maximum. But if the task is more complex and poorly planned it may push to a week or more…

Generally, I would use experience and knowledge as a rule of thumb.

In the begining it would be hard for you to estimate. Those are the points you have to consider:

  1. Do you have (or your team) any libraries or workflows that you could reuse?
    It might turn out that 50% of the development would be finished in 5 minutes.

  2. How many applications do you need to automate?
    More applications - more complexity

  3. Is there any new application in the process, that was not automated before?
    You will never now what suprises you could get with new app

  4. How many steps in the process?
    Simple one: more steps => longer development

  5. Decisions or Linear
    More exceptions or decision points => longer development

  6. OCR?
    Much longer development (if you want to test the solution with reliable set of test cases / data)

  7. Experience
    More experience => shorter development :smiley:


On a high level we try to segregate like easy,medium,complex,highly complex and times generally would be 1 week,2-3weeks,4-6weeka,6+ weeks respectively.This is on a broad range…

Few Factors to consider

  1. How many steps are involved
  2. How many systems are involved and what are the new systems in it
  3. How complex or easy are the systems with UiPath
  4. Are there any pdf related activities?
  5. Do they need any ocr or document understanding
  6. How many application screens and elements are to be automated
  7. Any complex logics to be implemented to clean the data on excels/input data
  8. Does automation needs and human intervention ?