How to establish a Connection for mainframe (QWS3270 Secure)


I am new to mainframe. Please help me to establish a connection in qws3270 for the terminal type IBM-3278-2.

I have tried using ‘UiPath Internal’ option with hostname and port
and “IBM ELLHAPI” option with winhllapi dll ,but it showing
“There is error connected to Terminal error code:error” for the both the above mentioned options.

Please suggest me the best option to connect to the QWS3270 secure application.


  1. Open QWS3270 Secure.
  2. Go to options and choose Session.
  3. Set HLLAPI session ID there and restart QWS3270.
  4. Use above created ID in UiPath terminal configuration.
  5. In HLLAPI function, use WinHLLAPI (case sensitive).
  6. Remove check from EHLL enhanced .

Note: You have to start connection from QWS3270 manually. UiPath will attach to it.

Thank you Shantanu. It is working.

How to disable dialog box which appear before connecting QWS3270 ?
Why we need open Manual QWS3270 for everytime ?