How to enter values in web application without open new page

Here I wan to add value with excel sheet data

when I insert Income Category then new page is open
i want to insert both values in the same page
then how i do this
can you please help me

Hello @Mahesha_Mendis

I have a small question… When you insert the income category manually without the robot, then does it open a new page to enter the data?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
No Not open

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Can you show a screenshot of your workflow where you select the income category? I also want to see the properties of the activity you used to select the income category from the top dropdown…

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Hmm… the workflow looks fine… :thinking:

Shall we do a small change and see… instead of the select item activity, try using the click activity and see whether it works for you… This doesn’t make much of a difference… Just give it a try and see… :slight_smile:

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@Lahiru.Fernando not work with click activiry

Have you try select item for Income Category Option?

Hi @Mahesha_Mendis

What is happening when you try manually on that page?

@ImPratham45 yes

Hi @aanandsanraj
I select the value from Income Category and enter the Amount and then click “+ADD” button and then again follow the same process

what exactly you are getting after click?

@Mahesha_Mendis When you try manually does a new page opening at the time?

@aanandsanraj NO

Hey @Mahesha_Mendis

Sorry for my late reply. This is a weird scenario… wonder why it is happening… While running can you enable the highlight option so that we can see what elements are being highlighted in the interface? Just want to know whether it’s doing something we are not asking it to do…